BSAF 2017

While the first BSAF was crucial in bringing this culture to Brisbane, the second annual event saw the event grow further in both attendance and festival size. The 2017 event showcased over 200 artists (four times that of 2016), spread over thirty locations, garnering over 5000 attendees for the first time (a 200% increase compared to 2016) over multiple sites across the city, with tens of thousands more now witnessing these artworks every day.
Stretched over 21 days, this saw the activation of a number of sites across inner city Brisbane and in the outer suburbs of Wynnum and even as far as Nambour with some of Brisbane and Australia’s most exciting street practitioners. In addition to a further five art showcase locations and 22 murals city wide, BSAF grew to work alongside Brisbane cultural favourite, The Queensland Museum, Brisbane Powerhouse, Fish Lane, The Tivoli and Queensland University of Technology to name a few.

2017 Artworks