BSAF 2019

where we stand

As an inclusive festival with strong values of country, arts and community, our collaboration with Digi Youth Arts as a part of their multi-disciplinary project, where we stand, is one of the most exciting elements of the 2019 program. where we stand will see Digi Youth Arts coordinate a performance, a studio album, and a multitude of visual art works, including four created in collaboration with BSAF.

These murals in Charleville, Cunnamulla, Thursday Island and Brisbane will give young Indigenous artists a platform to continue to express themselves and influence the wider community. By expanding the western boundaries of the industry and drawing attention to communities the murals occupy, Digi Youth Arts continues to be leaders in (re)claiming space for the youngest generation of one of the oldest surviving cultures in the world.

Street Art is a thought provoking and uninhibited medium. As the popularity of the art form grows with the aid of festivals such as BSAF, it is important to act with these qualities at the forefront of our minds and give space to First Nations people continuing storytelling on these lands. where we stand will see young Indigenous artists play their part in celebrating the vibrant stories of our country, addressing political issues and continuing culture.

Our continued collaborations with Digi Youth Arts are keeping the spirit of street art truly alive - rebellious, liberated and beautiful.

Date: Saturday 4th May, 2019 - 10:00am

Location: Queensland