BSAF 2018

Sarge Jhorgensen


My practice of art in Brisbane has spanned over twenty years from studying at QUT to running ARI ‘Lovelove Studio’. My work consists primarily of painting and sculpture. A defining element to the painterly aspect of my practice is the colour palette. At first there is no plan to my painting; colours, bold and bright command. Eventually the abstract leads to form and the meld of colours births objects and landscapes both natural and man-made. This is often overlayed with specific subject matter and that of late has been the portrayal Australia’s unique bird life. My sculptures take a more refined path where there is a plan and end goal. I build mini replicas of inanimate objects with attention to detail, yet purposeful imperfection. What does art mean to me? The freedom of expression, escape from the minds chatter. My art keeps me centred.

Date: BSAF 2018

Location: 49 Warner St, Fortitude Valley