BSAF 2018

Kiana Larkins


From the rivers of Katherine to the ocean of the Gold Coast, Kiana Larkins has always been immersed in mother nature and taken her inspiration from amazing places within Australia. Her mob is from Turkey Creek, the Warmun Region of Western Australian and they belong to the Gija people. Larkins was born in Katherine, one of the most beautiful regions of Australia, surrounded by magnificent rivers, vast wildlife and raging storms. She spend the majority of her youth swimming and playing in the sun, walking the untouched bush, camping in remote locations and fishing for fresh dinner. From her later teenage years, up until today, she has lived on the east coast of Australia. Within these years, she has explored islands, mountains and creeks, having always found herself attracted to water, wherever it flows. She’s the only person in her family to use the medium of paint to express the inner emotions of herself and to embrace her culture in this way. Her painting endeavours are helping her find her culture and appreciate the beautiful country she lives in more and more each day, and also helping her express her story through the beauty of visual arts.

Date: BSAF 2018

Location: QPAC Southbank Cultural Forecourt - Grey St & Melbourne St, South Brisbane