BSAF 2019

Elliott Routledge

Brisbane City Council is a proud BSAF major sponsor, as part of an ongoing commitment to increase the city’s rich street art portfolio. Council supports BSAF through Council initiatives including Brisbane Canvas, Emerging Visual Arts (EVA) program and the Taskforce against Graffiti (TAG), to bring quality street art to the city and surrounding suburbs. As part of the Brisbane Canvas and Visible Ink Youth Hub EVA program, Brightsiders have facilitated a pathway development program that builds young people’s confidence, skill levels and provides opportunities to achieve goals. One of the four sites identified for Council’s Brisbane Canvas program for this year’s festival, will feature work by young emerging artists from the EVA program. One of the young artist has been mentored by the renowned Brisbane street artist, Drapl. All of the artists will be assisted on site by the street artists, Brightsiders.

Date: Sunday 19th May, 2019 - 10:00am

Location: Breakfast Creek Road, Bowen Hills Site