BSAF 2019


A collection of musicians from some of Australia’s favourite bands, C H U R C H is a revival of the improvised jams that were famous in the share house dens and back alleys of West End. Two [and a bit] years deep, Ofa Fanaika [founder], continues to curate a culmination of the finest players of Jazz, Hip Hop, Latin, Neo-Soul and Funk. She has successfully taken
C H U R C H into the festival scene with appearances including Island Vibe Festival [2017 & 2018], Jungle Love Festival [2017 & 2018], and Earth Frequency Festival [2019]. 

C H U R C H now boasts recurring members of more than 30 musicians, often cycling through variable line ups. These musicians have dedicated their lives to their craft and are more than capable of pushing out 4 hour sets over consecutive nights. Be sure to catch C H U R C H at this year's BSAF, it'll be certain to fill your cup with the divine. 

Date: Sunday 5th May, 2019 - 5:00pm

Location: BSAF Launch Party (Howard Smith Wharves)