BSAF 2019

The Butter

The Butter is a sexy-smooth trio based in Brisbane, playing RnB inspired Disco Soul. The band formed in 2018 when frontman Tim Watkin teamed up with his sister, percussionist Jaymee Watkin, and Marc Dubois (bass player and producer). The band was born when Tim moved to Brisbane after playing guitar in Cape York instead of attending school, timing well with Jaymee returning home from touring as a drummer for Australian songstress, Emma Louise. Marc’s bedroom producer past then added a modern edge to the soulful and smooth inclinations of the siblings. A year after it’s inception, The Butter have poured their souls into an electrifying live show that captivates and excites, with an emphasis on helping people of all walks of life leave their troubles at home and step into a melty, glistening dewdrop of euphoria.

Date: Friday 17th May, 2019 - 5:00pm

Location: The Print Bar Warehouse, 9 Florence St, Teneriffe