BSAF 2019

Artist Talk: Does

Throughout BSAF; local, national and international artists from the 2019 festival program will deliver intimate talks in a Q and A format about their creative careers, experiences with the artform and arts practice. All are invited to attend, converse and obtain insight into the program’s public art, popping up around Brisbane.

On Monday 6th May BSAF 2019 artist Does will be speaking at QUT Gardens Point from 1 - 2pm. Perfecting his craft since 1997, Joos ‘DOES’ van Barneveld is a multidisciplinary international artist recognised for his well balanced colour schemes, clean style and eye for detail. Taking root in graffiti art, traditional letterform is DOES’ primary love. Using the letters D, O, E and S as a foundation, he continues to elevate these etchings to new heights. Through an explosion of colour and shape, letters assume narrative.

Date: Monday 6th May, 2019 - 1:00pm

Location: QUT Gardens Point