BSAF 2017

Anna Vu


Anna Vu, better known by AMA, born in Sydney Australia and grew up in Brisbane. Where she later became active in break-dancing and was introduced to street art at the age of 16. She graduated from Queensland Collage of Arts in 2012, majoring in painting and received a scholarship to study aboard in England. Since then she has developed her artist practice around the world, from painting in Berlin to tropical secluded spots in Thailand. She works with spray paint to tell a story about her experiences, feelings and places. By working freely, in a "back to basic" primitive style creating colourful loose shapes scribbles and mark making. She is influenced by abstract expression, poster designs, textiles, calligraphy and various forms of music. Spending several months in Berlin meeting artist from other countries, who are also blurring the lines of fine art, street art and mural practice, which has pushed her natural ability to move toward simpler and deeper work.

Date: BSAF 2017

Location: West End Primary School - Hardgrave Road, West End