Brisbane Street Art Festival acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of the lands on which our artists and audiences meet. We pay our respect to past, present and emerging Elders. We acknowledge the important role that art has played on these lands for thousands of years and feel privileged to work alongside artists continuing the creative practice of one of the oldest surviving cultures in the world.


Everywhere we walk upon on this world, one Indigenous group or another has once lived there before for thousands and thousands of years.” Indigenous Land by DRMGNOW, Neil Morris.

Street art is not new. Painting on surfaces is not new. Story-telling through the (urban) landscape is not new. Indigenous artists - the storytellers, history-keepers and future-makers of these lands – have been doing this since the very first sunrise. Continuation of culture through street art is one of the many mediums First Nations artists are using to (re)claim space for their communities.

If you are an artist creating work at BSAF, know that you are painting on Indigenous land. If you are a venue of the festival, know that your space is situated on Indigenous land. If you are an audience member engaging with this program, know that your experience is on Indigenous land.

Always was, always will be.

Always was always will be